Our Sectors

We understand that different environments require different fibre cement products to suit specific demands. From residential to commercial, from health to education, all construction sectors have varying conditions and regulations that have to be met. BGC can help provide solutions for all your sector requirements from our fibre cement and Innova™ ranges.

Residential Sector

BGC offers a range of high-performance, variable-thickness fibre cement and Innova™ solutions for duplexes, houses, high-rises and condos.

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Commercial Sector

Buildings classified as BCA Class 5 – fibre cement and Innova™ solutions that are proven to meet rigorous acoustic, fire, impact and wet/dry stipulations.

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Health & Aged Care

Lightweight lining solutions for the healthcare environment offering optimal insulation against fire, noise, water ingress and impact.

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Education Sector

BGC’s fibre cement and Innova™ solutions conform to the stringent requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) on Class 9b education buildings.

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Bushfire Sector

BGC offers a variety of light, cost-effective and easy-to-manage fibre cement and Innova™ alternatives to masonry and concrete construction.

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