CLIENT: Defence Housing Australia

Sector: Residential


Project Details:

Breezes Muirhead is an award-winning residential development comprising 1,151 allotments in the highly sought after Darwin suburb of Muirhead. Defence Housing Australia has built 329 houses for defence members and their families. Many of these used a range of BGC Innova™ products as façade systems.

We wanted a façade system that met all of the cyclonic regulations and was easy to certify. We didn’t want to choose a product that needed to go through extensive testing and engineering. BGC’s range of façade systems met this criteria and also gave us the design flexibility our client was looking for. BGC’s fibre cement range is more than a façade product, it is a whole system which was critical for us in deciding to use their product.

Jaco Botha

Construction Manager, Ri-Con

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