Why choose fibre cement?

Selecting materials for your next project comes with its challenges. However, it is worth considering fibre cement as a viable option for a multitude of reasons.

Fibre cement is multi-use and can be used for external façade and interior spaces. It has excellent performance qualities including weather resistance and thermal properties such as use in wet and bushfire prone zones.

Innova™’s fibre cement panels are durable, dynamic and on trend. The Innova™ range of cladding products exceed design and construction requirements. Form and function are at the forefront of BGC™ Innova™’s product offering. Innova™’s fibre cement range exceeds expectations for quality and longevity for a multitude of building and renovation projects.

Fibre cement cladding uses:

  • External cladding
  • Internal lining for walls and floors
  • Structural flooring
  • Wet area lining such as bathrooms and laundries
  • Eaves, verandahs and carports
  • Fire and acoustic walls and floors
  • Bracing solutions

Excellent weather resistance

Produced to withstand all environments, due to its composition, fibre cement is naturally resistant to an array of weather conditions, making it one of the most durable materials available.
Boasting a ‘Class A’ fire rating and resistance to warping and fading, BGC™ Innova™’s products provide durable, long-lasting protection for your next project.

Fibre cement as an exterior cladding material is used as an alternative to wood cladding and PVC or vinyl as it is very durable and low maintenance, compared to other cladding materials. Fibre cement cladding is very durable because it is water resistant and does not rot, warp or crack.

Tough, durable, fire-resistant, and waterproof, fibre cement is often selected over wood, rendered on masonry, metal and regular cement. Innova™’s fibre cement is low-maintenance, cost effective, fire-resistant cladding, which is lightweight and easy to install.

Several BGC™ Innova™’s fibre cement products feature no seams that overlap, which prevents mould or mildew from growing between the exterior and interior walls. This feature promotes less allergens within the home, further protecting the homeowner’s family. Fibre cement has all the benefits of other linings with few disadvantages. Installation of fibre cement board is cost effective as labour costs are lower due to fibre cement requiring less time to deliver and install.

Providing good acoustic insulation, fibre cement panels are low-maintenance, resistant to rot, water damage and termites. There are many other advantages to fibre cement panels and weatherboards, including allowing for a variety of architectural finishes, such as paint, acrylic render, stone and texture.

There are numerous advantages of fibre cement panels, but one of the most significant is its strength. It’s fire-resistant, impact-resistant, and it stands up well to salty sea air and harsh weather like wind, rain, and hail.

Energy Efficient Insulation

Energy efficiency requirements have been introduced into the National Construction Code (NCC) for both commercial and residential buildings. Thermal heat transfer into and out of the building will affect the running cost of the building. Architects, engineers and building designers will carefully consider the thermal heat transfer of every project. Fibre cement has insulating properties that assist in minimising heat retention in summer and heat loss in winter.

Enhanced aesthetic appearance – customised designs

BGC™ Innova™ offers mix and match tongue and groove products that allow for quick and easy installation with maximum aesthetic results. This allows you to customise your design for a high end look with a high quality product without the high price tags.

Fibre cement is the number one choice for facades and internal linings due to its versatility, it can mimic other materials such as wood, weatherboards, wood grain patterns, tiles and concrete. Innova™’s fibre cement panels are designed for easy decoration allowing a wide range of design finishes.

Outstanding thermal performance – high durability and resistance, not flammable

BGC™ Innova™’s fibre cement is highly durable, and resistant to rot, decay and warping. Generally, fibre cement lasts longer than traditional cladding material as it doesn’t contain metals, and is resistant to rot. Due to fibre cement’s thermal stability, it will not warp or crack in high temperatures.

The Innova™ fibre cement product range complies with BAL40 as required in AS3959:2018 – Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas. This is one of the highest bushfire ratings that can be achieved, making it a perfect choice for the hot and dry Australian landscape.

Fibre cement is an ideal product to use on your next project as it stands up to the harshest weather conditions from severe frosts and torrential rain, salt air through to high heat and direct sunlight, fibre cement provides a tough, durable finish.

An advantage of fibre cement is the versatility. Due to the raw materials, finished products possess a number of characteristics with a wide range of applications, making fibre cement perfect for architectural accents, external and internal walls, floors and internal wet areas.

Fibre cement is also ideal for areas where impact and moisture resistance is required.

Additionally, BGC™ Innova™’s fibre cement panels are resistant to termites, steam, salt and sunlight, making BGC™ Innova™’s fibre cement panels the obvious choice for a structure that will be standing strong and looking good for years to come.

Low maintenance finish

Many products across the Innova™ range arrive on site factory sealed and ready for painting. Fibre cement is
a low maintenance material resistant to cracking, swelling or warping. It is strong, lightweight & durable. Although BGC™’s fibre cement is lightweight, it is exceptionally resilient. It is also a great material for improving a project’s environmental footprint.

Easy to install

Fibre cement installs quickly, with some BGC™ product featuring Innova™’s technology featuring tongue-and-groove joins for a quick, easy and seamless finish.

With ease of installation, fibre cement is simple to work with, using manual nailing, gun nailing or screw fixing, eliminating the need for taped and filled joints.

Innova™’s versatile fibre cement facade systems can be used both externally and internally. It’s pre-formed and non-combustible, making it a durable, safe and aesthetic addition to your project.

Fibre cement is an all-encompassing, durable solution full of advantages for the specifier, builder and end user. It’s the obvious choice for your next project.

The versatility of Innova™ and BGC™ fibre cement products isn’t just in terms of practicality. The wide range of products are available in an extensive range of designs, sizes and thicknesses, allowing for maximum choice throughout the design process.

When considering choosing fibre cement on your next project, contact BGC™’s Innova™ for expert advice on how and where you can use fibre cement.

Throughout Australia and New Zealand, our team of experts will help fulfil your design outcomes considering aesthetics, the landscape and budget. Be a part of BGC™’s dedication to smart & beautiful construction that moves the industry towards environmental consciousness and a driven design aesthetic.

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