Positioning Innova™ as a market leader in fibre cement products

How Innova™ Is Revolutionising the Fibre Cement Industry and Emerging as a Market Leader

BGC Fibre Cement produces fibre cement, pre-finished, and finished on site products for exterior and interior walls as well as flooring substrates under the Innova™ brand. Innova™ products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, quality, and longevity.

With a focus on innovation and satisfaction, Innova™ is proud to be an industry leading supplier of fibre cement products for builders, architects, trades and specifiers across the construction industry in addition to the DIY market.

Positioning Innova™ as a Market Leader in Fibre Cement Products

BGC Fibre Cement has serviced Australia and New Zealand for over 30 years. With offices across major cities, customers can easily access fibre cement products and technical expert advice from the Innova™ team. Builders, merchants, architects, contractors, homeowners, and DIY-ers benefit from the high quality, long lasting Innova™ product range.

State of the Art Facilities Ensure a High-Quality Product

Innova™’s production facilities feature ultramodern equipment that delivers quality outputs. Qualified experts perform in-depth research and testing to ensure products meet all aspects of energy efficiency, waterproofing, and fire resistance. In addition, Innova™ products comply with Australian and New Zealand building code regulations to ensure safe and durable construction projects.

Innova™ Range of Products

Innova™ produces various quality products for residential and commercial construction. Whether modern, traditional, bold, or subtle design for walls and floors, there is something for everyone. The following are part of the Innova™ product range.

Innova™ Finish on Site

The finish on-site products below offer durable, quick-to-install, and appealing results in construction and renovation projects.

Duragrid™ Light Commercial

Installers of low to medium-rise commercial exterior cladding systems can rely on Innova™ Duragrid™ for a superb finish. The screw-fix installation of Duragrid™ Light Commercial is quick and easy. Duragrid™ Light Commercial is lightweight, highly durable, and ideal for different finishes to be applied such as render and paint.

Duragrid™ Residential

A robust, hard-wearing fibre cement for residential properties, Innova™ Duragrid™ gives houses a unique modern look. Duragrid™ Residential has a smooth, flat surface and square edge finish that is resistant to effects of sunlight, steam, air, salt, or termites. In addition, builders can apply various finishes, e.g., paints and textured coatings, since Duragrid™ Residential is easy to decorate.


Duracom™ utilises Innova™’s fibre cement-coated compressed sheeting to provide an excellent exterior cladding system for medium-rise buildings. Duracom™ is lightweight, modern, and resilient. Duracom™ also boasts fully sealed panels that aren’t susceptible to burning, rotting, or corrosion.


Durascape™ is a 9mm thick base sheet with a 5mm shiplap joint that provides a fine vertical shadow line. Durascape™ is ideal for large areas of a facade as an external cladding. Contractors of single-storey and medium-height installations can use Durascape™ to achieve an excellent finish.


Contractors working on single-story and medium-height projects can take advantage of Duragroove™ for its quick and easy installation. Installation does not require taped-and-filled joints, and the outcome is resistant to salt, sunlight, air, steam, and termites. Duragroove™ has four variations: smooth wide, smooth extra wide, smooth narrow, and woodgrain wide.

Nuline™ Plus

Nuline™ Plus echoes natural timber weatherboards with seamless, consistent joints. The slope on the plank’s rear allows easy fixing and nailing during installation. Nuline™ Plus boasts high durability with no decay, twisting or rot. Innova™’s Nuline™ Plus range features two profiles: Nuline™ Plus Bullnose and Nuline™ Plus Square.

Exclusive to the Innova™ range, Nuline™ Plus in the Bullnose profile features a rounded edge on the fibre cement panel, ideal for a traditional look to period homes.

The Nuline™ Plus Square profile features a square edge on the fibre cement panel ideal for a modern twist on the traditional looking weatherboard.


Whether a single profile or mix-and-match, Stratum™ is your ideal way to create a unique exterior cladding system. Stratum™ falls into the following categories:

  • Stratum™ 300mm. A broad plank with a 16 mm level joint.
  • Stratum™ Woodgrain 300mm. A woodgrain finish broad plank with a 16 mm level joint.
  • Stratum™ Duo 300mm. A wide plank with a 16 mm centre groove with the look of two slimmer weatherboards.
  • Stratum™ Duo Woodgrain 300mm. A wide plank with a 16 mm centre groove with the look of two slimmer weatherboards with a woodgrain finish.
  • Stratum™ Trio. A broad plank consisting of two 16mm grooves.
  • Stratum™ Contour 170mm. A thin plank indented with a 2mm groove at the top.

The Stratum™ exterior cladding system has the option of being fixed with concealed fixing or face fixing.


Stonesheet™ is a non-structural substrate ideal for stone or stone like materials for interior and exterior applications. Panels of Stonesheet™ are 9mm thick and suit residential construction.


The Intergroove™ internal lining system provides a moisture and impact-resistant finish for interior walls. Contractors can install Intergroove™ half height, creating a traditional look or full length to get a modern look. Intergroove™ is lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain.

Innova™ Prefinished

Ideal for internal and external use, Innova™ Montage™ is a prefinished, fibre cement facade system with multi-coat finishing systems. Montage™ panels have a deep form that creates a striking effect to make any project unique. Montage™ facade system comes in four finishes — Slimline Tile, Stackstone, Concrete, and Woodgrain. Each textured finish comes in a variety of colours all from a natural pallete of stones and greys.

Flooring Substrates

Innova™ supplies substrates for all types of interior and exterior floors. Durafloor™ is suitable for wet areas like laundries and bathrooms. For exterior uses, Durafloor™ stands out in verandahs, sundecks, and balconies. Durafloor™ can also provide a durable and outstanding solution for other floors like the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room floors.

In addition to the Durafloor™ range, Innova™ supplies high-density BGC Compressed Fibre Cement sheeting as a substate for interior floors in framed-construction wet areas. This product is suited to upper storeys and transportable buildings as well as in the cladding for exterior decks.

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