Innovative Innova™ Products Transform Facades

Innovative Innova™ Products Transform Facades

In the vibrant and ever-evolving city of Auckland, New Zealand, Emphasis Homes has made a mark with their latest residential project. Situated in one of Auckland’s trendy neighbourhoods, these two stunning townhouses exemplify modern living at its finest. What sets these homes apart are their distinctive exteriors, created using a range of Innova™ fibre cement products, resulting in one black and one white townhouse that have impressive curb appeal.

Setting the Standard for Modern Living

Emphasis Homes, a well-known housing developer and builder in Auckland, has a reputation for creating homes that stand out from the rest. Their recent dual townhouse project is no exception, as it seamlessly blends style and functionality to provide residents with the ultimate living experience. What truly sets this project apart, is the innovative use of Innova™ products to craft breath-taking facades that exude luxury contemporary design.

Setting the Bar in Facade Materials

The striking exteriors of these townhouses are a testament to the flexibility and aesthetic appeal and flexibility of the Innova™ product range. Emphasis Homes chose to specify a combination of Stratum™, Stratum™ Duo, and Stratum™ Trio, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of these materials.

The combination of the Stratum™ range is the main eye-catching vertical feature of the facades. This composite weatherboard system is known for its durability and resistance to the harsh elements of the New Zealand climate. Stratum™ fibre cement boards provide longevity and low maintenance finish.

Stratum™ Duo and Stratum™ Trio were used strategically to add depth and dimension to the facades. Stratum™ Duo offers a distinctive grooved texture that plays with light and shadow, creating a visually captivating effect. Stratum™ Trio enhances the design with its two of grooves, providing an even more pronounced sense of depth and texture.

The choice to use both Stratum™ Duo and Stratum™ Trio alongside the original Stratum™ weatherboard in the design demonstrates Emphasis Homes’ commitment to originality and innovation in their projects. By combining these materials in a harmonious manner, they have achieved a facade that is modern and stylish and long lasting with materials that are resistant to the harsh natural elements.

Innovative Interiors with Intergroove™

While the exterior of these townhouses is a testament to the visual appeal of Innova™ products, the interiors also benefit from the use of these innovative materials. Intergroove™ is an Innova™ product known for its versatility and contemporary design, which was used to create feature walls within the homes.

The unique feature of this project was the use of Intergroove™ around fireplaces, in bedrooms and in the elevator shaft. This design element by Emphasis Homes showcases the adaptability of Innova™ materials, as they were seamlessly integrated into the interiors to add a contemporary touch. The sleek and sophisticated appearance of Intergroove™ complements the overall modern design of the two townhouses.

A Modern Contrast

The choice of one black and one white townhouse speaks to Emphasis Homes’ desire to cater to diverse tastes. The black townhouse, with its Stratum™ exterior, exudes an air of sophistication and modernity. The dark hue creates a bold and dramatic statement, while the Stratum™ texture adds depth and character to the facade. The combination of black Stratum™ with Intergroove™ feature walls inside creates a luxurious and contemporary living space.

In contrast, the white townhouse stands out for its clean and minimalist appearance. The Stratum™ exterior, in this case, offers a crisp and timeless aesthetic. It’s a perfect canvas for the designer’s vision, allowing for the inclusion of various architectural elements. The white Stratum™ facade is complemented by the Intergroove™ feature walls, adding warmth and texture to the interiors.

The Future of Contemporary Living

This dual townhouse project in Auckland, New Zealand, is a testament to the architect’s dedication to redefining modern living spaces. By embracing the innovative design and benefits of Innova™ products, they have succeeded in creating two townhouses that not only turn heads but also set a new standard for contemporary living in the city.

The blend of Stratum™, Stratum™ Duo, and Stratum™ Trio on the facades of the two townhouses, combined with the contemporary touch of Intergroove™ as feature accents throughout the interior of both homes, demonstrates the flexibility and quality of the Innova™ fibre cement cladding range.

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