Innovation with Innova™

We pride ourselves on our instinctive flair for innovation and solution based high quality products. We are constantly expanding our BGC Fibre Cement division, supplying external cladding systems including the Innova™ range, external façades, interior lining and flooring products.

Total Solution Systems

Facades and linings

BGC is one of Australia’s top suppliers of exterior and interior cladding, interior lining and flooring solutions. Each product is perfect for building great-looking, top-quality commercial and residential façades.

We distribute an extensive range of exterior cladding with the choice of traditional or more contemporary styling.


BGC Innova™ is all about total solutions. We offer a range of flooring ideal for all interior and exterior applications. BGC floor products encompass a wide range of corporate, commercial, industrial and residential flooring finishes. Our products are innovative substrates for floor finishes such as carpet, tiles, timber and stone. Our BGC Innova™ range of flooring substrates are designed for a variety of internal and external flooring applications. With good looks, easy application and total durability, our floor substrates ensure your surface gets the best start to a perfect finish.

We offer practical flooring applications, with Innova™ flooring readily withstanding the rigours of daily life whilst ensuring a great first impression.

Product Proud

Our Innova™ range is proudly built on 5 fundamental pillars:

  • Cost
  • Range
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Culture

These are our 5 main focuses in the Innova™ range. We design and create forward thinking, innovative products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing with a strong focus on great value. Our Innova™ range continues to push industry benchmarks for innovation and quality. Our inhouse culture as well as our extended team of resellers are so passionate about the construction industry and finding the right design solution for your project. We are proud to have such a wonderful team to design, create and sell our Innova™ range.

Our Innova™ range of exterior and interior cladding systems provide innovative solutions for commercial and residential projects. You will be sure to find the perfect system when you choose Innova™.

Sensational Service and Solutions

We provide a wide range of products to a variety of customers. Whether you are a specifier, re-seller, builder or home owner- we speak your language. We go the extra mile to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about our Innova™ range of fibre cement products.


We collaborate with a wide range of professionals including architects, engineers, and designers throughout the specification process. This enables specifiers to choose and combine the fibre cement façades and flooring products that best suit their desired design outcomes. To further support specification, we also provide design files (such as CAD, Revit and 3D Jpegs) in downloadable formats to ensure a smooth process throughout.


We fully support your product specifications and provide downloadable installation guides via our website. Meeting all appropriate building code standards, the guide is a comprehensive list of construction details to assist with accurate installation. To help you calculate quantities for your next project, we also provide a full take-off service, please contact us to find out more about this one-on-one personalised service.


We offer total support for our resellers, helping you sell our products. We continue to provide the most up to date information with technical files, such as construction details in CAD and Revit formats. We also showcase a comprehensive image gallery on our website to help you visualise different types of façade and flooring systems; and a full range of installation brochures to assist you throughout the process.

Home Owner

We innovate and inspire. We have such a wide range of fibre cement solutions ranging from façades and linings through to flooring that can be used for a variety of interior and exterior applications.

Our ranges such as Innova Duragroove™ or Montage™ can be viewed as features in real life examples via our case studies. These case studies such as our Noosaville Townhouses project in Queensland, take a look into specific projects that deep dive into how we created the overall look and what materials were used and where.

Visit our gallery of images and case studies on our website to see how our wide range of façades and flooring systems that will add something new and vibrant to your design ideas. To ensure all applicable Australian building standards are met during installation of our products, please download our brochures.

Our forward thinking and innovative design ensures we have the right fibre cement solution for every project.

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Contact us to help you with your next specification of Innova™ and BGC Fibre Cement products.