Get the weatherboard look with Nuline™ Plus

Weatherboards are an increasingly popular trend for exterior façades. It’s versatile aesthetic and can blend with a building’s surroundings and style to look traditional or modern.

Innova™’s Nuline™ Plus is prized for offering insulation and protection against the elements, making it an aesthetic and practical solution. Traditionally, weatherboards are made from timber, however, BGC Innova™ offers a fibre cement weatherboard system that provides a different take on this look.

Welcome to Innova™’s Nuline™ Plus weatherboard-style cladding system. This fibre cement cladding offers the style of weatherboard façade with a host of other benefits.

An Introduction to the Nuline™ Plus Range

The BGC Nuline™ Plus range is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an attractive and hard-wearing option for finishing the exterior façade of a building.

Nuline™ Plus products are made from BGC Fibre Cement, which is a durable material option for weatherboarding materials.

The tongue and groove fitting system enables easy joins on any project, while the bevel on the rear of individual fibre cement weatherboards means fixing and nailing is seamless.

Explore the Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of this innovative fibre cement weatherboard cladding system are extensive. 

One of its most outstanding features is that fibre cement is highly durable and, unlike other traditional products, it is not susceptible to twisting, timber rot, ant damage or decay.

Nuline™ Plus cladding is also resistant to water damage, sunlight exposure, salt and extremes of temperature, making it suitable for just about any building in any setting.

Nuline™ Plus cladding is a fire-resistant fibre cement board that complies with BAL-40 as required in AS3959:2018 – Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.

In fact, Nuline™ Plus cladding demonstrates superb performance against four key fire indices:

  • Ignition index = 0
  • Spread of flame index = 0
  • Heat evolved index = 0
  • Smoke developed index = 0-1

Nuline™ Plus cladding is loved by contractors due to quick and easy installation which can be achieved by manual nailing, gun nailing or screw fixing.

Weatherboards can be joined off-stud thanks to the innovative tongue and groove joining system. This means a more uniform joint and boosts weatherproofing too. Installers appreciate the bevel edge on the rear of each weatherboard, allowing the board to have a 25mm bearing face on the stud for enhanced nailing and fixing.

The Nuline™ Plus range offers two profiles to allow you to extend your options, with Nuline™ Plus Bullnose and Nuline™ Plus Square.

The bullnose profile is exclusive to the Innova™ range, proudly the only fibre cement supplier in Australia to offer the bullnose, which is perfect for lending a period look to more traditional homes. While the square option has sharp, straight edges, a bullnose weatherboard incorporates a gentle curve at the outer edge.

This creates a more traditional or even rustic look when fixed on the exterior of buildings, making it perfect for homes with in beachside or country aesthetic. The bullnose profile is suited to older homes or those that have an “Australian Hamptons” feel about them.

Meanwhile, the square profile is your choice for a clean and contemporary vibe. This style looks just great on more modern homes.

With two profiles to choose from, you’re covered in whatever style of project you’re working on.

Finally, because the fibre cement panels are factory sealed, Nuline™ Plus weatherboards are ready for painting as soon as they are installed on-site. With a quick finish resulting in a stunning transformation of any property can be easily achieved.

A Weatherboard Look that Stands the Test of Time

You can rely on BGC’s extensive range of products, from interior cladding and interior panels through to lining, flooring and finishes for building exteriors, like the innovative Nuline™ Plus range, to elevate your project beyond the everyday.

Made from BGC fibre cement, the product range offer builders and contractors durable and attractive solutions from the inside out.
For a traditional or contemporary weatherboard look that stands the test of style and time, make your choice from the innovative Nuline™ Plus cladding system range.

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