Elevating Auckland’s Residential Development with Innovative Fibre Cement Solutions 

For over 12 years, Chancellor Construction has been making its mark in the construction industry predominantly across Auckland, New Zealand. Specialising in residential terrace townhouses, Chancellor Construction is a prominent volume builder in New Zealand, often undertaking large-scale projects in greenfield and community developments such as the SELO project where 236 townhouses are spread over 10,000 square meters of land.

The SELO Project is a testament to Chancellor Construction’s dedication to quality and innovation. Comprising of 236 terrace townhouses, this development stands out not only for its sheer size but also for its amenities and commercial sectors, including a basketball court, charging stations, shopping precincts, and cafes. 

We selected Innova Stratum which we use horizontally and vertically. In addition to Stratum, we selected NulinePlus horizontal weatherboard which replicates blends seamlessly into the urban fabric…the development predominantly has a lot of dark colours, that’s why we selected fibre cement. It’s more durable and can withstand those dark colours attracting the heat.” – Ben Collings, Director, BDG Architects

Stratum™ is available in several different profiles including Stratum™, Stratum™ Duo, Stratum™ Trio and Stratum™ Contour as well as Stratum™ Duo Offset, Stratum™ Woodgrain and Stratum™ Duo Woodgrain. The flexibility of Stratum™ is second to none with the choice of a standalone profile, as used on the SELO development or a mix-and-match combination to create a bespoke design. 

Nuline™ Plus is our weatherboard-style cladding system that echoes real timber, perfect for achieving a modern look. The Nuline™ Plus tongue-&-groove joining delivers seamlessly consistent joins throughout your project.

One of the crucial decisions made for this project was the choice of facade materials. Chancellor Construction opted for the Innova™ range of non-combustible fibre cement wall systems, this preference was driven by practical and aesthetic considerations. Given the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) model they followed, involving contractors before the build, the use of non-combustible, fire-rated cladding was a must for a development like SELO, ensuring the safety and longevity of the townhouses.

The feedback we got from the builders and tradies was it was an absolute dream to work with Innova™ products.” – Shane Mathison, Operations Manager, Chancellor Construction

For the SELO Project, Chancellor Construction selected Innova™ Stratum™ and Stratum™ Duo for cladding, and Durasheet™ for the soffit lining. These choices were not only based on safety and durability but also on ease and speed of installation. One of the advantages of working with Innova™ products was that they didn’t require specific tools, making it easier and faster to install for the builders. Chancellor went the extra mile by procuring information on trims and finishing elements for the builders, ensuring a seamless installation process.

The outcome achieved with Innova™ products was nothing short of outstanding. Chancellor Construction expressed their complete satisfaction with the design outcome, a sentiment echoed by the architect and clients alike. The versatility of the Stratum product allowed for different combinations, and the intersection junctions were not only smartly designed but also easy to install, providing a clean and polished finish.

We’re really proud of this development. We’ve just won 2 awards at the Property Council Awards. The Excellence Award for Multi-unit Residential & Merit for Affordable Housing.” – Elliot McCullough, Senior Project Manager, Kingstons Project Management

Chancellor Construction praises the service and products provided by our BGC Fibre Cement and Innova™ team. During a challenging time for the industry with supply chain disruptions, we were able to come to the rescue, ensuring deliveries were timely and the quality of service was top-notch. 

Senior Project Manager Elliot McCullough explained an additional reason as to why BGC Fibre Cement and Innova™ was used throughout the project, “BGC were the only ones that could deliver all the products on time, when we needed them.”

Having relied on our Innova™ products for a long time, Chancellor Construction trusted in our ability to deliver building materials for such high-volume housing projects.

The Chancellor Construction builders found Innova™ products to be lighter than competitors which was more manageable and easier to install. This practical advantage, combined with the aesthetic appeal, made Innova™ a preferred choice for the builders, tradies and architects. 

For Chancellor, the selection of facade materials was not taken lightly. The architects and builders aimed for an affordable, low-maintenance design that also delivered on aesthetics. Our Innova™ product range met these criteria exceptionally well, confirmed by the positive feedback from all stakeholders on the SELO Project.

When asked if they would recommend Innova™ products to other builders, Chancellor responded with an emphatic “yes.” Speaking on their next project, a 400-home development Shane Mathison says, “we will be ensuring Innova products are specified on the plans.

Chancellor Construction will continue using Innova™ products on future projects but also anticipate specifying Innova™ products for the largest development in Auckland, scheduled for completion in two years.

Chancellor Construction’s SELO Project is a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry. The use of the Innova™ range of non-combustible materials played a pivotal role in achieving the desired outcomes, in terms of durability, safety and aesthetics. As Chancellor plans for future projects, their positive experience with Innovaä products highlight our services and products as a dependable construction partner. The success of the SELO Project not only boosts their pride but also provides a valuable model for future endeavours in Auckland’s ever-evolving construction industry.

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