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Innova™ Montage is a versatile fibre cement façade system that can be used both internally and externally. Our innovative fibre cement cladding system is pre-formed, pre-finished and non-combustible. Our fibre cement board cladding provides an aesthetic edge to your next project.

Designed with builders, designers, and specifiers in mind, we have ensured easy installation with our Innova™ Montage range.

Montage™ panels are made with a blend of textures on the face of the panels, combined with a contemporary colour palette. You are spoilt for choice with a range of on-trend design options for both residential and commercial applications.

With a colour palette carefully considered to be blended or contrasted, you have an array of options to choose from. The deep form embossed panels also creates a striking effect, making your project stand out from the streetscape.

Easy to install and designed to withstand the elements, Innova™ Montage has been created with critical specifying needs in mind. The Innova™ Montage range is designed to be installed quickly, using a clever clip system with minimum face fixings to provide a contemporary seamless look. Not only does it look stunning, but its simple installation speeds up the building process, reducing project build time with no need for finishing trades.

Features & Benefits

The Innova™ Montage range of façade products are versatile and add an element of texture and dimension to the interior and exterior of your project.

There are a variety of advantages when selecting Montage™ as part of your next project. Our high quality fibre cement is strong and durable and used to create stylish profiles.

The benefits of the Montage™ façade system include:

• 4 profiles available – Concrete, Slimline Tile, Stackstone and Woodgrain
• Multiple colours available in each profile
• Lightweight and easy to install
• Perfect for internal or external installation
• Pre-finished using a multiple coat finishing system
• Fully sealed panels that are weather resistant and won’t rot or burn


Our fibre cement cladding system comes with preformed external corners, enhancing the design of the fibre cement cladding by providing continuity of the pattern. Montage™ panels are weather resistant, featuring a factory applied weather seal to create an effective rain screen. The finished fibre cement sheets include a self-cleaning coating and UV resistance.

There are multiple options with a variety of profiles and colours in the Montage™ range. Apply Montage™ vertically or horizontally to suit your design style.

Our Woodgrain profile has pre-formed external corners for both orientations. For vertical install on the other profiles in the Montage™ range, aluminium corners would need to be used.

The Innova™ Montage range allows you to mix and match fibre cement panels, combining profiles, colours and installations for a truly unique look on your next project. Select the look that suits your next project from the wide range of Montage™ profiles.

Concrete: a chic, urban and industrial appearance, this concrete look fibre cement cladding is available in 3 profiles: Smooth Plain, Rectangle with Circle and Square with Circle.

Slimline Tile: a smart, organised look with colours that blend subtly. Slimline Tile is available in 4 contemporary colours: Limestone; Sandstone; Basalt and Onyx.

Stackstone: exuding a traditional, natural feel, Stackstone is one of our most popular options and is available in 4 versatile colours: Limestone; Sandstone; Basalt and Onyx.

Woodgrain: our Woodgrain range emulates the texture of real timber, achieved through a deep emboss. Available in 4 colours, this is the perfect option for a natural look: Light Teak; Dark Mahogany; Grey Oak and Black Oak.

Our Montage™ range combines high quality fibre cement with the safety and durability of innovative design, accompanied by high end style and aesthetics.

Our fibre cement cladding is versatile and weather resistant. The Montage™ façade system comes in a variety of styles, colours and textures to suit your project.

Used in interior or exterior applications, our fibre cement cladding is an innovative, reliable, easy to install product. Take a closer look at our Montage™ fibre cement façade system and see why it’s one of our most popular products to date.

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