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Our videos are informative and entertaining. We produce videos of case studies and testimonials to help you learn from others’ experiences as well as in 3D to help you visualise how our products are installed and can achieve better finishes and architectural features.

Please give us your feedback about which videos you enjoy watching and why. Enjoy!

BGC Fibre Cement and Innova™ Product Range
BGC Fibre Cement and Innova™ Overview

Case Study – Geelong

Case Study – Robe

Case Study – SELO

Innova™ on the Inside

Case Study – Emphasis

Case Study – AFL Max

BGC Innova Duracom

BGC Innova Duplex Animation

BGC Innova Nuline Plus

BGC Innova Durafloor™

Case Study – Bellsview Sabae Townhouses

BGC Innova Stratum™

Case Study – Mount Gambier

Innova™ in Adelaide

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