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Duragrid™ Residential Brochure
Duragrid™ Light Commercial Brochure
Duracom™ & Duracom Greystone™ Brochure
Durascape™ Brochure
Duragroove™ Brochure
Stratum™ Brochure
Stratum™ Technical Supplement - Vertical Installation
Nuline™ Plus Brochure
Stonesheet™ Brochure
Intergroove™ Brochure
Duracom Greystone™ Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions
Montage™ Design Brochure
Montage™ Technical Brochure
Duraplank™ Brochure
Durasheet™ Brochure
Duratex™ Brochure
Duralattice™ Brochure
Duraliner™ Plus Brochure
Duralux™ Plus Brochure
Durafloor™ Brochure
Compressed Brochure
CTU Brochure
Fire & Acoustic Guide
Residential Sector
Commercial Sector
Timber Effects™ Brochure


Range Guides

Innova™ & BGC Fibre Cement Product Range Guide
GTEK™ Plasterboard Product Range Guide



Product Specifications

Duragrid™ Residential Specification
Duragrid™ Light Commercial Specification
Duracom™ Specification
Duracom Greystone™ Specification
Durascape™ Specification
Duragroove™ Specification
Stratum™ Era Specification
Stratum™ Specification
Nuline™ Plus Specification
Stonesheet™ Specification
Durasheet™ Specification
Duraplank™ Specification
Duratex™ Specification
Duralattice™ Specification
Duraliner™ Plus Specification
Duralux™ Plus Specification
Durafloor™ Specification
Compressed Specification
CTU Specification
Thermal Breaks Technical Supplement
CodeMark Certificate - Duracom™ & Duracom Greystone™





Innova™ & BGC Fibre Cement MSDS
Montage™ MSDS
GTEK™ Plasterboard MSDS


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