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Your ultimate flooring solution, Durafloor™ is superb for interior wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. You can also specify Durafloor™ for a variety of exterior uses.

Choose Durafloor™ for balconies, verandahs and sundecks. Alternatively, and where premium quality is your main concern, insist on Durafloor™ as a total floor solution.

Features & Benefits

What’s good about Durafloor™ flooring solutions:

  • Easy installation via traditional gun-nailing methods
  • Same tongue-and-groove technology as traditional sheet flooring (e.g. structaflor)
  • Installation costs lower than standard compressed sheet
  • Greater impact resistance – feels more solid underfoot than timber-based sheet flooring products

Durafloor™ Installation

Watch the video to learn more about Durafloor™ and how easy it is to install.

Size & Thickness

Thickness mm
Weight kg/m2
Width mm
Pack Size
Length mm

Technical Drawings

All detail drawings in one PDF
Floor Waste
Floor Waste - Durafloor
Wet Area Detail
Wet area - Durafloor
Shower Recess
Shower recess - Durafloor
Preformed Shower Base
preformed shower base detail - Durafloor
Using Waterproof Membrane
using waterproof membrane - Durafloor
Staggered Sheet Layout
staggered sheet layout - Durafloor
Squared Sheet Layout
Squared sheet layout - Durafloor
Joist Space
Joist Spacing - Durafloor
Butt Joins
Butt Join - Durafloor
Wet Area Butt Joins
wet area butt joint - Durafloor
Controlled Joint Tiled Areas – non-wet
Control joint tiled non wet areas - Durafloor
Tiling Non Membrane Non-Wet
Tiling non wet areas - Durafloor
Staggered Sheet Layout
Staggered Sheet Layout - Durafloor
Squared Sheet Layout
Squared Sheet Layout - Durafloor
Joist Spacing
Joist Spacing - Durafloor
Control Joints
Control Joints - Durafloor
Control Joint with Tiles
Control Joint with Tiles - Durafloor
Deck Finishing with Tile face
Deck Finishing with Tile Face - Durafloor
Deck Finishing
Deck Finishing - Durafloor
Exterior Deck – Waterproof without Mortar Bed
Exterior Deck Waterproof without Mortar Bed - Durafloor
Exterior Deck – Waterproof
Exterior Deck Waterproof - Durafloor

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