If you have specified Fibre Cement in the past for medium or high rise buildings or are specifying in the future – rest assured with BGC.

Our robust range of facades and linings systems are deemed to comply – offering an innovative and safe solution for all your specification needs.

Our full range includes:

  • Compressed Fibre Cement
  • Architectural designed weatherboards
  • Grooved and profiled cladding
Fire Resistant Facade Cement Systems - Deemed to comply with Australian standards

There are 4 key indices in respect of fire, BGC’s products have the following performance against these indices:

Ignition Index

Ignition index = 0

Fibre Cement does not ignite

Spread of Flame Index

Spread of flame index = 0

There is no spread of fire with Fibre Cement

Heat Evolved Index

Heat evolved index = 0

Heat does not evolve from Fibre Cement

Smoke Developed Index

Smoke developed index = 0-1

Smoke is not emitted from Fibre Cement

BAL – Bushfire Attack Level

BGC's products can achieve up to BAL 40 as per AS 3959:2009

Rigorous fire testing

Tested in Australia by accredited Australian authorities such as CSIRO and Exova Warringtonfire.

Fire testing complies with Australian Standard AS1530 – part 4 ‘Fire and Resistance Tests of Elements of Building Construction’.

Fibre Cement CPD - Specifying


Expressed jointed façade system
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5mm wide shiplap joints
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Weatherboard cladding system
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Specify Fibre Cement façade systems with confidence

Our products meet all the NCC 2016 Building Code of Australia requirements for exterior lining systems. Delivering in the key objectives to:

  • safeguard people from illness or injury due to fire in a building
  • safeguard occupants from illness or injury while evacuating a building during a fire; and
  • facilitate the activities of emergency services personnel; and
  • avoid the spread of fire between buildings; and
  • protect other property from physical damage caused by structural failure of a building as a result of fire.

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