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BGC Nuline™ Plus is a weatherboard-style cladding system perfect for achieving a seductive and modern look. With a style that echoes real timber, Nuline™ Plus is the natural evolution of the ever-popular Nuline™ weatherboard.

The Nuline™ Plus tongue-&-groove fitting will deliver seamlessly consistent joins throughout your project. With its slight bevel on the rear of the plank allowing a 25mm bearing face on the stud, you’ll find fixing and nailing exceptionally easy.

Features & Benefits

What’s good about the Nuline™ Plus weatherboard exterior cladding system:


Extend your options with 2 different profiles: square & bullnose


Factory sealed, ready for painting


Quick, simple installation: manual nailing, gun nailing or screw fixing


Highly durable: no rot or decay


Complies with BAL40 as required in AS3959:2009 - Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas


Size & Thickness

Sizes available in Square and Bullnose profiles.

Nuline Plus Size & Thickness
Nuline Plus Size & Thickness


Nuline Plus Square Profile

Square Profile

Nuline Plus Bullnose Profile

Bullnose Profile


Nuline Plus Internal Corner

Internal Corner


Nuline Plus External Corner

External Corner


Starter Strip

Starter Strip


J Mould

J Mould


Nuline™ Plus Installation Video

Nuline™ Plus Fixing

Face Fixing

Face Fixing System

Concealed Fixing

Concealed Fixing System

Commence fixing the bottom course of plank from an external corner. Fasten the bottom edge of the plank to each stud through the starter strip. Ensure that the plank is level and flush with the corner. Do not nail home the corner fixing at this time.

The plank must overlap a minimum of 30mm, and before fixing the second row of planks, calculate the overlap so a near full width of plank will finish at the top of the building. Using a piece of timber or plank, fabricate a lap gauge to ensure that the plank coverage is uniform.

Fixings must not be driven closer than 50mm from the end of the plank. For fixings between 20-50mm from the end, the plank must be predrilled with a 3mm hole.

For more detailed installation instructions, please download the Nuline™ Plus brochure.

Nuline™ Plus Joining

Nuline™ Plus is joined using a tongue and groove system that gives a seamless and consistent joint throughout the project.

For more detailed installation instructions, please download the Nuline™ Plus brochure.

Nuline Joining

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