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Create that contemporary industrial look with Duracom Greystone™ from Innova™. With 2 shades to choose from, Natural and Charcoal, as well as 2 faces to choose from, Industrial and Velvet, you can create the perfect feature wall inside or out.

Duracom Greystone™ is a prefinished panel that does not require painting or finishing on site. This reduces the need for painting trades and speeds up the building process.

Features & Benefits

What’s good about the Duracom Greystone™ facade system:

  • Code Mark Certified
  • Lightweight and easy to install using a proven installation method
  • Australian manufactured, tested and warranted
  • Great solution when panels may be difficult to maintain. The factory applied treatment means you do not need to recoat or repaint panels, reducing maintenance costs
  • Panels are non-combustible, which ensures a perfect cladding option for both commercial and residential projects



Primary Top Hat
Primary Top Hat – Galvanised Steel
120 x 35 x 1.15mm BMT – 6000mm
120 x 35 x 1.15mm BMT – 7200mm
Intermediate Top Hat
Intermediate Top Hat – Galvanised Steel
50 x 35 x 1.15mm BMT – 6000mm
50 x 35 x 1.15mm BMT – 7200mm
Horisontal Backing Strip
Horizontal Backing Strip
EPDM Foam Gasket
EPDM Foam Gasket

Size & Thickness

Thickness mm
Weight kg/m2
Width mm
Length mm

Technical Drawings

All detail drawings in one PDF
Top Hats Position
Fixing Seal To Top Hat
Weatherseal Washer – exposed fasteners
Pre-marked and Pre-drilled panels
Sealant – Preferred Option
Backing Strip Tape
Backing Strip Installation
Backing Strip Sealant
Fixing Details
Vertical Spacing
Inserting Horizontal Backing Strip
Installing Next Panel
Slab Edge
Soffit Wall Junction
Facade Deflection Head
Square External Corner
Square Internal Corner
Obtuse External Corner
Obtuse Internal Corner
Window Head
Window Sill Detail
Window Jamb
Vertical Construction Control Joint – Wall Abu
Vertical Control Joint
Alternative Vertical Control Joint
Horizontal Control Joint
Wall Parapet Junction
Scupper/Drain Overflow
Boundary/Exterior Walls/Timber Frame
Boundary/Exterior Walls/Timber Frame
Boundary/Exterior Walls/Steel Frame

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