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Durascape™ is excellent for covering large areas of facade and external cladding. A 9mm-thick base sheet, Durascape™’s 5mm wide shiplap joint gives the sheet a subtle vertical shadow line.

To create an appealingly ‘rendered’ look, try finishing Durascape™ onsite with a roll-on textured paint.

Features & Benefits

What’s good about Durascape™ Residential external cladding system:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ideal for single-storey and medium height installations where you want large panel
  • Quick installation – no need for taped and filled joints
  • Panels unaffected by termites, air, steam, salt and sunlight
  • Can be finished in a range of decorative coatings


Internal Corner
Internal Corner
3000mm – Product Code: INTCNR12
External Corner
External Corner
3000mm – Product Code: EXTCNR12
Horizontal Flashing
Horizontal Flashing
3000mm – Product Code: HORIZ9
EPDM Foam Gasket
EPDM Foam Gasket
Used to prevent moisture ingress at sheet joins
25mm – Product Code: 845
Snap on Corner
Part A – 3600mm* – Product Code: SNAPCNRA36
Part B – 3600mm* – Product Code: SNAPCNRB36
Part C – 3600mm* – Product Code: SNAPCNRC36
*When ordering Snap on Corners, 2 parts must be ordered, Part A + Part B or Part B + Part C.
Thermal Break Tape
12500 x 42 x 8mm – Product Code: THERMAROLL12.5

Size & Thickness

Thickness mm
Weight kg/m2
Width mm
Pack Size
Length mm

Technical Drawings

Fastener Positioning
Sheet Edge Positioning
F / C Nail Fixing – Timber Frame
Countersunk Screw – Lightweight Steel Frame
Flush Screw – Lightweight Steel Frame
Fix First Sheet
Fix Next Sheet
Apply Sealant
Slab Edge / Eave Junction
External Corner – Sealant Option
External Corner
Internal Corner – Sealant Option
Internal Corner
Window Head
Window Sill
Window Jamb
Vertical Butt Joint
Lower Floor Junction
Upper Floor Junction
Upper Floor Junction – Option 2
Horizontal Junction 1
Horizontal Junction 2
Boundary Wall System
Thermal Breaks

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