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BGC Duratex™ is a tough, durable and waterproof fibre cement perfect for house cladding and for buildings in bushfire areas. BGC Duratex™ provides a solid substrate for applied decorative finishes when combined with proprietary jointing and coating systems.

Tough, durable, waterproof and fire-resistant, Duratex™ is great for lightweight construction and features a factory-applied blue tint to help your identification.

Features & Benefits

What’s good about Duratex™ cladding system:

  • Specify for residential and commercial applications
  • Accepts wide range of textured coatings
  • Complies with AS3959:2018 – Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas (7.5mm: BAL29; 9.0mm BAL40)

Size & Thickness

Thickness mm
Weight kg/m2
Width mm
Length mm

Technical Drawings

Sheet Fixing
Joint Details – Timber Frame Construction
Joint Details – Steel Frame Construction
Internal Corner Joint
External Corner Joint
Vertical Relief Joint
Vertical Control Joint
Typical Horizontal Relief Joint
Wall Abutment
Ground Clearance
Lintel Detail
Jamb Detail
Sill Detail
Typical Window Frame Weatherproofing
Eaves Detail
Bracing Capacity Using Tie Down Bolts
Bracing Capacity Using Anchor Rods
Duratex™ 9mm Fixing Detail
Duratex™ 9mm Screw fixed set Joint Detail
Control Joints In Structure
Control Joints
BGC One Sided FRL Test July 2009 Load Bearing

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