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Location: Box Hill, NSW
Client: Kastelan Designer Homes
Sector: Residential

Project Details

The residential project in Box Hill, New South Wales, is a striking testament to the creative possibilities of fibre cement boards. The facade of this home takes centre stage, showcasing the Montage™ range from Innova™. Montage™ is a versatile pre-finished fibre cement facade system that offers both aesthetic appeal and durability. This product’s pre-formed, pre-finished, and non-combustible characteristics make it a safe and long-lasting addition to any project. What sets this home apart is the the use of Montage™ in all four profiles: Concrete, Slimline Tile, Stackstone, and Woodgrain. This variety of profiles, along with the deep embossing on the panels, creates a captivating visual effect, ensuring that the project stands out in the streetscape and becomes a truly distinctive and eye-catching addition to the Box Hill neighbourhood.

The Kastelan Designer Homes residential project is a true showcase of how Montage™ by Innova™ can transform a home into a unique work of art. Whether blending or contrasting with the surrounding environment, the colour palette and design possibilities are virtually endless. The Montage™ range’s versatility, combined with its distinctive profiles, adds an element of creativity and individuality to this residential masterpiece, demonstrating the potential of fibre cement boards to create stunning and unforgettable architectural expressions.

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