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Location: Keysborough, Victoria
Client: Saw Constructions
Sector: Residential

Project Details

The residential project in Keysborough, Victoria, undertaken by Saw Constructions, is a large-scale development. The construction of 110 double-story townhouses showcases their commitment to innovation and efficiency. What sets this project apart is the diversity in style and design across the townhouses, thanks to the incorporation of a range of Innova™ products. The use of the Nuline™ Plus weatherboard style cladding system and Stratum™ gives each townhouse a unique identity. This project not only stands as a testament to Saw Constructions’ ability to deliver on strict timelines but also emphasises their dedication to providing top-quality housing solutions that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Andrew Gillespie, Senior Business Manager at Saw Constructions, highlights the significance of choosing Innova™ products for this project. The decision to utilise these products was primarily driven by the need for efficiency in construction, which was crucial given the tight schedules on-site. Innova™’s fibre cement panels not only helped meet these timelines but also contributed to the durability and aesthetics of the townhouses.

“A big part of why we selected Innova™ products was due to the strict timelines we had on site and the efficiency we can build with fibre cement panels.”

Andrew Gillespie, Senior Business Manager, Saw Constructions
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