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Location: Auckland, NZ
Client: Emphasis Homes
Sector: Residential

Project Details

Emphasis Homes, a prominent housing developer in Auckland, recently completed a dual townhouse project featuring Innova™ products. The exterior facades were clad with Stratum™, Stratum™ Duo, and Stratum™ Trio, showcasing the flexibility and aesthetic appeal of these materials. Inside the homes, Intergroove™ was utilised as feature walls, adding a contemporary touch to the fireplaces and bedrooms.

This project exemplifies Emphasis Homes’ commitment to creating cutting-edge, stylish living spaces while leveraging Innova™’s quality products to achieve their vision.

We chose Stratum™ because of the variety, the Stratum™, Stratum™ Duo & Stratum™ Trio…The service we had from the team at BGC was outstanding.”

Robert Van Wagoner, Director, Emphasis
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